Canon T7i Review: The best entry-level DSLR in 2019?

Canon T7i Review: The best entry-level DSLR in 2019?

Canon T7i review

For an entry-to-mid-level DSLR category, the Canon T7i makes for an assuredly wise shopping decision. It has an enhanced autofocus system with 45 AF points as compared to the measly 19 points that the T6i had. And it also comes loaded with the new DIGIC 7 imaging processor that adds to the superb picture processing quality, which is a trademark of Canon’s products.

However, lauding these undeniable virtues is just scratching the surface before one actually digs in and discovers whether the T7i can deliver on all other aspects.

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How Is The Design?

Canon T7i design

Starting with how it can be held and used, it can be said safely that the EOS Rebel T7i is the perfect camera for beginners to try their hands on. The external controls are easy to spot and a Quick Control button further makes things comfortable as you can now configure your camera settings without hunting desperately for the same.

Perhaps the only snag that an entry-level user can face is the three-step power control switch. It can work for switching the camera on and off quite seamlessly but it also switches on the movie mode if you are not too careful.

Like all good DSLR cameras, the Canon T7i has a build that is not unwieldy or bulky. The handgrip is comfortable and firm and while it is bigger and weighs marginally more than the Nikon D5600, it is fairly easy to use and carry around.

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How Are The Support Features?

Canon T7i review

It is here that we once again bring up the Nikon D5600 for comparison but in this case too, Canon T7i holds a definite edge. It is already said that the external controls are easily identifiable and the settings can be easily accessed without a hiccup.

Now, the LCD screen of the T7i has a dimension of 3.0 inches while that of the D5600 has a size of 3.2 inches. It is not a major difference and in any case, there is more space for external controls which can be used without turning around and hunting for them desperately.

The viewfinder, too, works as brightly as the dependable LCD screen and the touchscreen is also responsive in using the control settings without pressing buttons. Everything, in a nutshell, has been designed and devised to make it a cakewalk for any beginner or mid-level-user to enjoy DSLR photography.

What Are The Extras?


The Canon EOS Rebel T7i comes with a single SD/SHC/SDXC card slot. There is also a built-in pop-up flash for flash photography. Additionally, if you wish to fix a different flash for more special occasions, you can connect it using a hot shoe available in the camera. There are also headphone jacks for you to personalize your camera. These are some of the best Canon T7i accessories.

How Is The Picture Quality

Canon T7i design

Now that we have seen how easy it is to use the Canon T7i for any beginner, let’s find out if it is equally impressive with its picture quality.

For a mid-range DSLR camera, this Canon model offers exemplary picture quality. The images are sharply defined and the camera captures every detail with high fidelity. With an expansive dynamic range, the Canon T7i is also able to capture faithfully shadows and highlights. This makes it a worthy product for all budding outdoor photographers since they can now click immersive and stunning pictures.

One thing that you should note, however, is that the T7i has an anti-aliasing filter. This is particularly helpful in capturing all details of a particular scene but it also softens the edges of some objects or details slightly so that there are no major blurs and distortions in the final image. It is not a major problem but it is just that the images shot with a Nikon D5600 camera are slightly sharper.

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What Are The Filters To Use?

When using the Canon T7i, you can experiment with many filters. Two of them deserve some special mention.

High Dynamic Range Filter: This enhances all the existing colors in a scene to a greater extent. It is perfect for taking detailed and highlighted pictures of natural landscapes.

Fisheye Filter: This is naturally a favorite for funky, quirky images and you can use it imaginatively to take stunning bizarre images that will be worth treasuring.

How Good Is Low-Light Photography?


Reliably, the T7i comes with a good ISO range of 100-25,600, which allows for a greater level of ease and versatility in low-light photography. The best level for good noise reduction in large-size pictures is ISO 3200. You can always scale up the range but the noise will only increase and it is then best to take these pictures for social media posts rather than for posterity.

How Good Is Video Recording?

Blame it on the state of technology but 4K Ultra HD resolution is still to be included in entry-level DSLR cameras. Nevertheless, the Canon T7i has an excellent Full HD resolution of 1920×1080. That brings us to the new and improved sensor-based autofocus technology which is found normally only in higher-end and professional-level DSLR models. It has a Live View shooting feature which helps you to track moving objects without the slightest distortion, thanks to the bolstered focus.

To conclude, the video quality is excellent and it does not quite make noise as well, since there are the new STM lenses to depend on. Just don’t fidget too much with the aperture and you should be fine.

What’s New?

Camera Connect is an app that you can download to transfer images from the camera to your device. You can also use it as a remote control to trigger the shutter and control other settings. The app works fine and, like the camera, is very easy to use.

What Is The Battery Life?

After a single charge, you can take up to 820 shots provided you are not using flash, which reduces that number by about 40 percent.

And The Verdict Is?

There are a couple of minor things in which the Nikon D5600 proves to be slightly better. But overall, with reasonably great picture quality, superlative ease of use, improved autofocus in video recording and a mobile app to make things easier, the Canon T7i is worth buying as a superb entry-level DSLR camera.

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