Canon T7i Batteries and Battery Chargers

Canon T7i Batteries and Battery Chargers

Canon T7i battery review

It can be said safely that the new Canon EOS Rebel T7i is one of the smoothest and best-built DSLR cameras in the market right now. With a 24MP Sensor, improved autofocus for video recording and easier controls and settings, it is a great camera for any beginner to try his or her hands on.

However, if you intend to use the Canon T7i professionally or even just occasionally, you need to have a good stock of batteries and battery chargers available at all times.

Recommended Canon T7i Battery: Canon LP-E17

Canon T7i battery

One good battery that is available in the market for almost all leading Canon DSLR cameras is the LP-E17. This is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack which has benefits like a greater level of energy density and a low-level of self-discharge.

Using a Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera can be an addictive experience. You can carry it anywhere you go and click as many pictures as you can of everything on sight. However, it should be remembered that even a superior product like the T7i can take only about 600-700 shots in a single charge and that would not quite be sufficient if you are a passionate shutterbug.

Having enough batteries and even portable chargers with flexible plug points is essential, especially if you are someone with heady wanderlust inside you. You need to carry these so that your globe-trotting photoshoot never comes to an end.

Now that you know the importance of having enough battery and charges available for your Canon T7i, it is time to find out just what would be the most suitable Canon T7i battery.

Canon LP-E17 Specifications

Let’s understand some of the specs of this battery.

It has a voltage of 7.2 V and has a total capacity of 1040mAh.

It has a width of 33 mm, height of 14 mm and depth of 49 mm and a total weight of 45 g, which makes it lighter and easier to carry around from one place to another.

With a single charge of this battery, the T7i can take up to 600 pictures, which is reasonably good.

There is a slight niggle with how Canon has priced this battery for customers. The actual price is quite exorbitant, enough to deter a customer from buying it directly from Canon.

There are many third-party distributors offering the same at a lower price. But common sense dictates that you should buy it from a verified original source only. With things like batteries, you should trust the original supplier or else an established distributor like an e-commerce giant only.

The Perfect Charger For LP-E17

Canon T7i battery charger

Ideally, the one charger that is most compatible with the LP-E17 would be the Canon LC-E17 which is available in the market as well. Again, like the original battery pack itself, it is expensive when bought by an original source. But it is still advisable to buy it directly from Canon itself so that it lasts quite well and works in the long run.

Tips For Saving Your Camera Battery Power

As said before, you need to carry enough batteries with you when you are carrying a nice DSLR camera like the Canon T7i on your adventures. But even then, you should know about how to use the battery power of the DSLR camera judiciously.

There are some handy and easy ways in which you can save the power of the Canon T7i battery effectively so that it runs for quite sometime. If you are smart enough, you can make it work on a single charge for a longer time. Let’s look at some of these advisable guidelines.

You do not really need to switch on the in-built flash feature. Many DSLR cameras come with their own in-built flash systems but on using them, a lot of battery power is exhausted eventually and your usability is reduced to a great extent.

So, try as much as you can to use an external flash bulb that can be attached and removed as and when you need it. You also don’t need to use the zoom too frequently. Unless you are really into wildlife photography or even ornithology, you really do not need to use the zoom effect to capture a moment.

Most DSLR cameras are great only for some naturalistic images and not images or pictures or objects or flora and fauna in close detail. By using the zoom excessively, you will only be limiting the battery power of your camera to a great extent.

Take pictures with your DSLR camera using only the available light instead of using too many filters and effects. You need filters and effects only if you wish to take a very unusual and unconventional picture that is not easily found elsewhere.

For the rest of the time, DSLR cameras already have excellent resolution lenses and they do turn out such excellent pictures that they will be worth treasuring on their own.

Finally, when you are taking a break between taking pictures with your DSLR camera, you should always remember to switch it off in the nick of time. This is what most people end up missing to do. When it is idle and still switched on, it should be switched off immediately as it would only exhaust your battery power more and leave it drained of all power to be used again in the future.


A DSLR camera is like a trusted friend of every shutterbug on his or her adventures. It will be even more worthwhile if you keep it charged sufficiently enough so that you are able to use it without the slightest hangups or hassles.

For this, you need to have sufficient batteries of the original brand and even sturdy chargers for charging at any place and any time. And there are some easy and quick ways in which you can also save the battery power and use the camera for longer without the slightest hiccups as well. All that you need to be is a bit smart with your camera.

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